Broomdasher are a London based acapella group singing traditional English Folk Songs. With many years of experience between them, they first came together in 2017.

Since then they've been re-booked everywhere they’ve sung; had their own radio specials; sung at festivals and folk clubs throughout the UK and been added to the British Library's National Sound Archive Collection as "an outstanding example of grass roots folk music today".


Their debut CD Nothing To Do With Me also earned them enthusiastic reviews for their inspired harmonies and imaginative arrangements.

The Country Diary in Song:

Inspired Performances.


Brilliantly Evocative.

Brum Radio

Traditional Folk meets Edwardian Eco-Warrior”

The Mail
Country Diary CD

Spirited and animated renditions as you’d expect from accomplished singers of this calibre.Lively and involving arrangements , never straight-laced, and with no sense of over-egging or self-conscious theatricality on a likeable and attractively presented CD which is sure to delight, with much to enjoy..


It’s a nice concept altogether, the atmosphere is effectively evoked and some of the arrangements are very neatly done. Very enjoyable.

The Living Tradition

A really creative approach – evocative, uplifting and well worth a listen.

Mike Norris: EFDSS Radio

“An inspired evocation of a bygone rural England – and trad without any fustiness”.

Mike Davies, Alternative Folk and Roots

A piece of great folk art, wonderfully performed.

Stuart Green, Soham Radio

“This is fantastic, what a great project."

Trevor Krueger Big Ear Radio

“We’ll be hearing a lot more about Broomdasher in the future”

Around Kent Magazine
Nothing To Do With Me:

A piece of great folk art, wonderfully performed.

Mike Norris

Real togetherness, enjoyable performances

The Living Tradition

What a night!

Islington Folk Club


Loughton Folk Club

Wonderful sound

Moseley Folk Festival

Plenty of joining in. Cracking night

Bracknell Folk Club

Broomdasher are an affiliate member of the English Folk Dance and Song Society based at Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London, where most of them sang before forming the group.

They are Chris, a former member of shanty festival favourites Hogeye Men and the London Lubbers, who also worked with Skinny Lister; Deena, who was taught by and toured with Leon Rosselson;  Jo, originally a classical performer, who studied with revered baritone John Carol Case renowned for his work with Vaughan Williams; Margaret, an accomplished woodwind player and actress as well as a singer and Richard, a member of Dorten Yonder, who was also half of BBC Radio Derby regulars The Moonshine Duo’.