Nothing To Do With Me


  1. Broomdasher
    (Trad arr. Sally J Davies)
  2. Levi’s Broomdasher
    (Levi Smith)
  3. If I Was A Blackbird
    (Trad arr. Sally J Davies)
  4. How High The Price / All Clouds The Sky
    (John Tams arr. Sally J Davies, Broomdasher)
  5. The Keeper
    (Trad arr. Broomdasher)
  6. Rufford Park Poachers
    (Trad arr. Barry Coope and Broomdasher)
  7. Sam Hall
    (Trad arr. Sally J Davies)


  • With Thanks to John Tams Barry Coope And Topic Records for Levi Smith
  • Produced by Andy Seward and Chris Hayes
  • Mixed & Mastered by Andy Seward Studio Assistants: Pieter Riekerk and Alexander Copp
  • Recorded at Chapel Studios, Lincolnshire England